MOMTalk by SaarBliss

Motherhood is the love-filled fundament that the world was built on. No wonder it’s an infinite source of dialogue, right? Life of a dutiful mom is constantly evolving and we see new philosophies pop up daily. Plus, there’s always an intimate story to tell. But the real question is: what impacts you and your little ones? At the exciting tip of the mommy influencers wave, we find Saar – widely known as SaarBliss. For years, she’s been honing a sharp sense of awareness regarding empowered motherhood, raising tiny humans and choosing products that keep everyone happy. The YouTube series MOMTalk by SaarBliss marks the next chapter in a journey of sharing-is-caring innovation. It’s also the stellar project that became a dream team effort between Saar and High Rollers Agency, accompanied by a brainy circle of influencers and experts.

Uniting & inspiring the mommy community
We’re at The Anthony Hotel in Utrecht. Super-relevant ideas swirl through the room as four ladies mingle comfortably and fully corona-proof, each representing a unique perspective. Saar leads the conversation and seeks a balance between two sides of the mommy lifestyle medallion – open-heartedly discussing the everyday struggles and praising the pure joys involved. Every episode explores a theme in dazzling detail, from pregnancy to natural parenting and a whole lot more. Soothing affirmations intertwine with little revelations, inspiring everyone present and, most vitally, all the moms that gravitate towards Saar’s YouTube channel for a slice of advice. At the end of the session, the contributing ladies receive a rich goodiebag of items by brands like Donsje and Wallabag as well as Laura Mercier cosmetics and an issue of Fabulous Mama magazine – because kids and moms equally deserve an uplifting treat.

Raising the bar of influencer collabs
An aspect that sets this project apart from the rest is the level of collaboration that we, High Rollers Agency, achieved together with SaarBliss. MOMTalk by SaarBliss is about combining our expertise with our ambitions to deliver a final product that exceeds the ordinary. By organizing the diverse components of the framework, we enabled Saar to focus on what she does best and not to worry about the rest. And what does that consist of, you say? Well, we made all arrangements with The Anthony Hotel, tagged our camerawoman along, acquired Saar a series of radiant outfits by Ballegooyen Modes, created the gorgeous goodiebags, managed the video release project and dealt with whatever emerged in the process. We like to think of it as going the extra mile in management, raising the bar of collabs in the field of influencers – and we really enjoy it, too!

MOMTalk by SaarBliss | Aflevering 2 met Melanie Visscher, Florine Duif en Lot Keckeis

MOMTalk by SaarBliss | Aflevering 3 met Faye Boné en Liza Henzen