Anki Lazyfitgirl

Reshaping the valley of lifestyle-inspired thinking, Anki is a mother-to-the-stars and famous for the tried-and-true Lazyfitgirl Method. She continuously empowers women to lose weight and gain a positive mindset – all the while loving themselves, unconditionally. She gladly certifies it first-hand: weaving a healthy groove into hectic days of motherly duties was never more within reach.


Anki Lazyfitgirl

Food coach by trade, Anki focuses on resourceful ways to shake off pounds by eating better food. She blends present-day knowledge with personal experience into her uniquely simple yet effective Lazyfitgirl Method – a game changer that has fostered thousands of success stories and made it into magazines like Viva, Flair and Libelle Gezond.

Deeply immersed in a blissful family life, Anki dedicates perpetual love and spirit to her boys Sammie & Beau. She delves into the colorful world and welfare of young kids and shares it with her community of followers, coupled with a daily dash of fashion, interior design and, naturally, anything food and health-related.