Oh My Pie! - Marike

Pie as far as the eye can see – delish creations of kaleidoscopic beauty, made with love and completely gluten-free.

Step into the world of OH MY PIE! and meet Marike, an entrepreneurial baking queen famous for inspiring recipes and weaving her academic finesse into books that grace you with all the insights to bake a healthy treat.

Marike - Oh My Pie!


Oh My Pie! - Marike

Marike is the splendid example of a multi-talented lady. Author, mother, food photographer, creator of successful social media campaigns, and most of all… she enriches the art of baking with a gluten-free signature. Whether it’s a seductive carrot cake, a crusty bread or a modern apple pie, Marike works her magic and applies her extensive know-how to spreading it far and wide. Marike is a delight to team up with and a great coach in baking on the cutting edge of gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan. Dive into one of her two stellar books or join the recently launched Oh My Pie Academy, and you’ll come out as an expert in facing your nutritional challenges. 

What once started by getting diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that causes gluten intolerance, has developed into a positivity-driven path to become an ambassadress for the richness of alternatives. OH MY PIE! is the rightful icing on the cake.