We help expand your empire

We are an all-encompassing boutique agency that focuses on personal and tailor-made strategies to maximize growth and opportunities for each of our clients.
With a wealth of marketing and branding knowledge, our experience spans over a decade in the music, creative and media industries, we help to expand your empire by translating your goals into a strategy for growth. Founded by Rinske Bakker and Charlotte Tan – We believe our personal approach is what sets us apart from the rest.

Rinske Bakker

Rinske’s expertise spans more than a decade, working as an agent and representative on a global scale. Building artist brands, management and representation is her specialty.

‘Our aim is to work closely, building strong foundations of trust and a clear understanding of the core essence of our influencers and clients; their goals and overall brand.
With this information we craft a well suited plan for growth and execution of all proposed strategies.

Authenticity is paramount, and a core value of our company, that’s why we believe in sharing our accumulated expertise. We offer all-round management to our influencers, helping them and their brand find its voice, and enabling it to be shared with the world.’

Charlotte Tan

With over ten years of experience, Charlotte possesses a wealth of knowledge in constructing frameworks for artist branding, and running her own successful marketing agency.

‘We understand that no two persons are alike and comparatively no two brands are identical – this is the reason we approach each client’s needs and expectations in a unique way to maximize their ultimate potential and spread of influence their brand can generate.

See us as an extension of yourself and your brand, working diligently to achieving targets, and adapting ideas and strategies to best suit you at all times. Expediting your career and connecting you with a wide network of our affiliates.’