Anki Lazyfitgirl | Knorr Groentewraps

Oct-Nov 2020
Knorr Groentehacks

Knorr Veggie wraps & #Groentehacks

As most of us can relate to, Anki genuinely admits that there are days when you don’t have the time or the inspiration to cook up an intricate meal. But you still need your veggies, naturally! This type of situation calls for a veggie hack. And that’s right where Knorr’s Groentewraps and Knorr Wereldgerechten come handy. The Groentewraps look good, they taste good and they do good – containing 35% of vegetables and available in two varieties, carrot and beetroots.

In order to grab (and wrap!) everyone’s attention, the campaign displays the many benefits and possibilities that these nutritious champs bring to the table. Anki was invited to contribute to the quest. She freshly interpreted the Knorr Groentewraps to serve as the bottom of a healthy pizza and shared it with her following. She added some extra veggies to the tacos and made the dish Lazyfitgirl-proof. Looking for ways to lose weight or surprise your kids with a veggie hack? Anki’s got your back!

Anki Lazyfitgirl | Knorr Groentewraps
Anki Lazyfitgirl | Knorr Groentewraps